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Eric Johnson, Gamma Class | Alumni of Psi | November 19, 2017

"During my last year I faced the same sadness that many seniors face when approaching the end of their time at UCSB. Spending four years getting a world-class education, living right next to the beach, and being a short walk away from friends can’t even begin to describe what makes this experience so great. I had gotten pretty comfortable with this lifestyle and I was filled with the fear of uncertainty for what would come next. APO taught me a bunch of lessons that prepared me to handle life after graduation. It had thrown me into unfamiliar situations, forced me to make tough decisions, and allowed me to learn from my mistakes. It had also given me the greatest friends I could have possibly asked for. To all the people that are going through their final year, I just want to say don’t take any moment you have for granted and enjoy every second of it. Just remember that after it’s all said and done, college is all a part of the journey, but by no means is it the destination. Never stop going forward and don’t let the fear of moving on hinder your growth."

Janelle Desai, Re-founding Class | Alumni of Psi | November 13, 2017

“I have twin sisters who are five years younger than me. They currently go to UCLA together. Growing up, my parents went through a tough time and eventually divorced. I was thirteen at the time, and they were only eight. I feel I took a lot of responsibility in looking out for them, but at the same time I owe it to them for making me a child at heart. People would ask me how I could get along with sisters who are five years apart, but we just click well. I remember being a sixteen year old, but not really feeling like a sixteen year old. All three of us shared a room together growing up, and we would watch Disney channel and all these other kid shows. People who know me well know that I talk about them all the time – we even have a group chat on Facebook and we’re always talking. I love my sisters so much, and I can’t imagine not having them in my life.”

Evan Hsiao, Theta Class | Alumni of Psi | November 5, 2017

“I wanted to part ways from UCSB with more fun memories besides the ones I suffered from as a computer engineer. With graduation and job applications in view, I decided to join APO. It was my final year, and I made the best of it by joining ICDC and accepting the Webmaster chair position. I can confidently say that enjoyable memories were made in my final year. APO taught me how to be responsible and plan ahead in order to balance my role as a student, brother, and future worker. What I mean by 'future worker' is that I was also accepted for an internship position for a small start-up company the quarter that I pledged, and now it is my current full-time position. APO has also positively shaped how I interact with people publicly when doing services with like-minded people. As I embark into the job industry as a 2016 UCSB graduate, I would say that joining APO during my last year was a life-molding

Leslie Trinh, Delta Class | Alumni of Psi |  October 27, 2017


"Graduating from college is such a weird thing. All throughout life you’re told to go to college and get a degree, but once you do, you’re just left wondering, now what? After four years of being within walking distance of all your friends, you suddenly have to move back home to face the so-called 'real world.' Post-grad life is hard, and looking for a job is hard. A degree is an expectation, not an exception. It doesn’t make you stand out because everyone has a degree. Jobs want people with experience, but nobody wants to hire someone without experience. How does one get experience when nobody wants to hire someone without experience? Despite all of this, at least I know that I’m not alone. APO has given me a great group of friends and a support system that I know I can rely on. Without them, I don’t know how I would’ve even begun to navigate through the 'real world.'"

Josephine Nguyen, Re-Founding Class | Alumni of Psi |  October 16, 2017

"APO came into my life during my junior year at UCSB. I was co-historian and also co-coordinator of the first-ever APO Psi chapter banquet that celebrated the crossing of our first-ever pledge class. As a brother, I was able to meet amazing people that came from all different backgrounds of life. After numerous rejections, I finally got a position in a research lab and I worked my ass off that whole summer because I wanted to learn everything I could. The following year as a senior, I became an RA and exhausted myself, body and soul. After becoming a Class of 2013 graduate, I continued my passion in science as a Research Associate on campus. Now, I can honestly say that I am much more of a go-getter and I have people and interview skills like you can’t even imagine! Looking back now, I think I achieved a hell of a lot after joining APO - don’t you agree? So I think it is safe to say thank you Alpha Phi Omega, for I have since blossomed after joining such an impactful organization. APO is truly what it stands for - LFS fo life baby!"

Brian Chang, Theta Class | Alumni of Psi |  September 7, 2017

“Before theta term, there were only three actives in my line. Then my big picked up me and my twin, and soon enough our line doubled in size. Last quarter there were ten of us. It’s the biggest I have ever seen our line. It's down to seven now that the seniors have left, but our line has grown a lot from the initial three when I first pledged. It feels nice because we’re all pretty close. We don’t spend all the time in the world together, but we get together from time to time and have a potluck or dinner. Being able to fit everyone in the same living room is nice too."

Jordan Cheng, Re-Founding Class | Alumni of Psi | May 17, 2017

"One thing I've realized as I've gotten older, especially in these past few years, is that everything passes. I've had my fair share of relationships deteriorate over seemingly unbridgeable rifts at the time (and now sound ridiculous in hindsight). I've only recently started working on repairing some of those relationships, but it's been relieving as those feelings of reconciliation are often reciprocated. It’s amazing when you realize how much those people have grown and matured in your absence, but also bittersweet that you missed your chance to witness that growth firsthand.

So, believe me when I recommend you forgive your roommate for snoring too loud or not showering enough. It’ll pass."

Yolanda Leon, Delta Class | Alumni of Psi | May 7, 2017

"Sometimes in life what seems like a disheartening roadblock is really a blessing in disguise. It's usually during these tough trials that your truest character is revealed. I've come to realize that life isn't about finding happiness, it's about creating it. If you want something, YOU have to make it happen, you can't depend on others! You cannot let another person become the primary source of YOUR own happiness and inspiration. Life is about self love and doing the things you're passionate about regardless of what society may think. It's about waiting, being patient, and trusting that life will slowly inch along and things will get better. It's about failing and taking chances because failure isn't the opposite of success, but rather it is part of it."

Abraham Cheng, Gamma Class |Alumni of Psi | April 30, 2017

"I have worked with team members of varying levels of knowledge. Here is one particular situation I faced during one of my jobs: Those who did not bother to increase their self-value fell short. This really impacted the team's performance. I slowly became the only one working in the office. Had I not developed new skills, I probably would have been terminated as well.

Currently, I am in the process of changing my career. My new career path is unrelated to what I have done before, however one thing will always be the same:

Your value is the biggest asset you can bring to the table to any team. Increasing your value will boost both your team's confidence and your own confidence. Never abstain from learning a new skill even if it is unrelated to what you will be accomplishing. You will most likely be able to use that skill somewhere else. Never hesitate to learn from those who know more than you. You won't just be learning, you will be networking which can also add to your value."

"Social media is kind of a weird thing for me. I feel like when you look at people's Snapchat stories or scroll through Instagram too much, it takes away from the enthusiasm of telling stories and the conversations between people. Like when you see someone post something really crazy and then see them later in person and ask them how their day is, do you tell them you already know about every activity and meal they had that day or do you just smile and nod and pretend you haven't seen their story already? So I try not to use social media as much anymore. It's nice to run into someone you haven't seen in awhile and actually have things to catch up on

Jodie Nakajima, Alpha Class |Alumni of Psi | April 16, 2017
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