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Vincent Nguyen

Vincent Nguyen, Omicron Class

“My dad is the most influential in my life. I spent most of my time with him. He understands that his children can be successful, but he also understands that we won’t be the 10/10 perfect student. He’s always the type to motivate me to do well, but didn’t expect me to be perfect. And I really like that he was able to support me in that way. It was my choice on how I wanted to do that. He tells me that if I fail, it’s okay. As long as I can build myself up from it. He helps me be a better fighter. You're gonna hit a wall. And you’re gonna get up and climb it, and that’s okay. To me, failure is that I’m gonna hit that wall. But I'm gonna see a new opportunity. I know that doing things alone is really hard. Doing things alone can get scary. It can get lonely. You feel like everyone is against you. And so when one person can reach out and let me know that what I’m doing is okay, it shows me that they’re willing to work together with me. No matter what happens, they’re willing to go with me. Just being able to reach out and let me know that. There’s a personal connection behind all these words that they’re hearing. I think with failure, sometimes it’s hard to see that there is another side to everything. It just takes me more time. At the end of the day, I try to see how far I got. I try to remind myself, in the situation that I was in, I did the best that I could. I did it with everything I had in the power to do so. And that’s totally fine. Now I know what I know and I could use that for the future. That’s how I try to play it out on the act of failure.”- Vincent Nguyen, Omicron Class | Humans of Psi

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