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Sam Meija

Sam Meija, Mu Class

“Dancing has just always been apart of my life. I always grew up with dancing since I was a little baby. At every party, all my family would do is just dance and I think that’s where I started to grow my style and rhythm from. When I was in high school, I joined a contemporary dance company and so I started taking classes in modern contemporary dance. After that, I joined a step team in high school and that’s where I learned how to dance to hip-hop. Once I joined college, I saw that there was a KPOP dance team and I auditioned on a whim and I got in! My most memorable memory in dancing was my freshman year going down to LA competing with SS805 because I met a lot of friends in that competition that I still talk to now actually. I remember feeling like a team and celebrating our hard work and seeing our hard work pay off. It was just amazing. After that in my sophomore year, I felt like I worried too much about getting a certain move right and small technicalities and I threw myself into so many dance covers. But once I stopped worrying about the technicality of dancing and just get passionate with it, I felt myself become a better dancer and I started to fall in love with dancing again. I just know that dancing’s going to be apart of my life even when I grow old so I’m excited for what’s in my future!” - Sam Mejia, Mu Class | Humans of Psi

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